I have worked for the Winnefox Library System for nearly 25 years.  I was hired as their Automation Specialist, which mostly meant I set up PCs for their (then 24) libraries and ran their network servers. Eventually I changed positions, becoming their Electronic Services Support Specialist, which was most recently retitled Database Application Developer. My responsibilities have changed through the years, just as technology has.  


More recently, I have been helping our libraries get their digitized materials online. This includes yearbooks, newspapers, historical photos, and other ephemera. Whether it's advising them on choosing a vendor to do the work or scanning the items themselves, I confirm they have the required metadata added to their materials, training them to do so if required, so that their collections can be searched and harvested by both Recollection Wisconsin and the Digital Public Library of America

Electronic Resources

I also maintain access to a number of electronic resources for our libraries. This includes searchable full text newspapers, health databases, information on small engine and auto repair, genealogy resources, and more.  Most of these resources are accessible from home with a library card.  

When I got my first camera as a young teen, I had no idea it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. I took that Kodak 110 camera with me on bicycle rides around my hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, often stopping for photography breaks, and a new hobby was born. My first 35mm camera, a Canon, was a high school graduation present and it graced me with thousands of photos over the next dozen years before I took the leap to digital.  I've had a lot of different digital cameras though the years (even one of those Sony Mavicas that used floppy discs as storage!) but currently shoot primarily with my Nikon Coolpix cameras. While I have done some senior pictures, family pictures, and even a couple of weddings, I am most comfortable photographing nature. I do very little post-processing to my photos...  Mainly cropping, perhaps a little lightening when conditions aren't bright enough, but for the most part, the examples of my photography that you see below are exactly what I saw through my camera lens as I clicked the shutter.  

If you like the examples of my photography above, or would like to buy prints, check out:


I'm a car girl. It started looong ago.  My dad, Royce, was into cars, so I was exposed to them at an early age. He mostly had Corvettes when I was a kid, but there were others along the way that stood out too, including a red 1964 Pontiac Tempest convertible, a black 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville and a silver 1976 Buick Century pace car.
The year I met my husband, his father Gary purchased this cute little sports car, a 1988 Toyota MR2.  It was a car that was sold during my high school years and a dozenish years later, when he decided to get rid of, I opted to buy it from him. I named it Mister Two.  He was such a fun to drive little vehicle! (And still is!) Within the first couple years of my owning it, it became eligible for collector plates.  Who knew it was just the very beginning of something?  
I went to a lot of car shows and cruise nights with my dad those next dozenish years.  Even scored a few tropies with Mister Two (including 1st place Late Stock 1985-2022, Best of Class: Tuner)!  But the real love for my car, being of newer vitage and being an import, was limited. Sure, the people who really knew about the MR2 and it's significance embraced it and talked at length to me, but most people just wandered on past.  
Eventually I decided I wanted something that would allow me to "fit in" a bit more.  We started searching for an old pickup, but as fate would have it, we stumbled across our first Edsel on a trip to see our financial planner.  Only a few days later, we brought "Eddie," a 1959 (the middle year of Edsel's production) Edsel Ranger home. I began bringing him to shows, and he was a hit! Even won Best in Show one year.  (I think the judges really liked his uniqueness.)  Eddie eventually led us to the International Edsel Club and the Edsel Owners Club, and our extended family of Edsel people, which I am extremely grateful for. (Not to mention connections to additional Edsels!)  
I was pretty content at that point.  But then a phone call I never thought would come, did.  Years before Eddie entered our lives, a friend of my husband's had purchased this beautifully preserved old gangster-era Oldsmobile, and I told him if he ever were to sell, I wanted to know about it. Well, the time had come and he had reluctantly decided to sell, but knew how much love we showed our Eddie, and felt we would give a good home to his car.  Enter "Betty," a 1934 Oldsmobile L-34 into our lives. 
Edsels are like potato chips, and you can't have just one.  Ha ha!  And as I mentioned, being members of the Edsel clubs exposed us to other Edsels available for sale... relatively often. We might have snagged a couple along the way.  ;-)  And then along came Valerie.  A 1960 Edsel, their last year of production.  Same style as Eddie, a 4-door sedan, but oh so different and lovely. It's fun to be able to take them to shows and park them side by side and see people check out the differences.  I would oh so love to score a 1958 Edsel Ranger 4-door sedan too.  Someday.  Our hands are pretty full right now, not to mention our storage building.
More recently, that pickup we always wanted, the one we were searching for prior to buying Eddie, fell into our lap!  My uncle Wally, my mom's brother, had this gorgeous 1950 Studebaker 2R5 pickup that we had been admiring since he bought it. He decided he wanted to go in a different direction with his fun car (in the way of a newer Corvette) and asked if we'd be interested in buying it.  Of course we said yes!  
We took that Studebaker to the national meet the following fall, which was held about an hour from our home, and stumbled across another beautiful Studebaker, this time a 1921 Light Six, for sale and we decided to make her ours.  Welcome "Stella"!

Mister Two

1988 Toyota MR2


1959 Edsel Ranger


1934 Oldsmobile L-34


1960 Edsel Ranger


1950 Studebaker 2R5


1921 Studebaker Light Six


I've been making beaded jewelry on and off for a long while now.  Some pieces are strung, others are created from patterns.

I even made a Christmas ornament cover, which was one of my most challenging projects.

There is a group of ladies, including both family and friends, who I bead with. We get together and gab and eat and create.

I most often create jewelry for myself, or to give as gifts.  I don't usually create enough quantity to actually sell, but I have sold a piece or two.

I also enjoy researching genealogy from time to time, when my other hobbies don't keep me too busy.  Included below are the names of my grandparents.  If a search for an ancestor led you to this page, please reach out via the contact form below and let's chat!

Earl Schultz

Paternal Grandfather

Althea Nehring

Paternal Grandmother

Walter Riel

Maternal Grandfather

Vander Woude

Maternal Grandmother

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